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Empower People to Fight Bicycle Theft

Host a Workshop To Empower Your Community Members To Keep Their Bikes Safe and Prevent Other Issues.


Presented by Jianhan Wang, LCI #5793, Founder & CEO at CycleSCP.

Jianhan is a League Cycling Instructor who has taught over 200 people to develop their bike skills from learn-to-rides to riding on the road. He will be sharing the compressed and distilled information from dozens of hours of research and testing various existing solutions in the San Francisco Bay Area. It will be all you and your community members need to know to park your bicycles securely in the US and avoid worrying about them getting stolen.

He has written two blog articles about bike security. One on active security. And one on passive security.

In this customizable workshop, we will

Special for on-site workshops: Practice Locking

Everyone will get the opportunity to practice at least one new idea they learn to keep their bicycle more secure when parking. On-site workshops are currently available in the San Francisco Bay Area.

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Which forms of bike parking does your organization have? Please select all that apply.
What challenges do you see people in your community have with bike security/parking? Please select all that apply.
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Getting others to park their bikes securely can be tough

Despite various articles and services, many people do not have their bicycles registered.

When entering restricted bike cages and bike rooms, some people hold the door open for strangers.

Despite various theft prevention content online, many people do not take adequate security measures.

Instead of learning after experiencing theft, people may abandon their bikes and switch to driving.

How to Book

Fill an inquiry

Tell me a bit about your organization's campus or workplace. We will discuss some finer details over a call to tailor the workshop for maximum impact.


Choose a time

Depending on what is best for your organization, pick a 75 minute or a 105 minute workshop. Let's do this!


Enjoy the workshop

Watch your participants learn and create their own plans to better keep their bikes safe.

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