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Smart Bicycle Racks

Images and visuals shown are for illustration purposes only.  The smart rack is in development and subject to change in appearance and other aspects.

90%+ less theft and 80%+ less time spent on abandonment and hazardous parking than regular racks. No user training needed.

Patent Pending.

Have you faced any of this at your organization?

People lock their bikes in an ineffective way to deter theft, despite the training and resources provided.

Bikes are parked in unintended areas instead of designated spots, creating hazards.

People switching from biking to driving due to bike theft and demanding more car parking.

Having to manage physical keys or codes for bike cages, lockers, and/or rooms.

Manually addressing abandoned bikes that clog up valuable space. Tagging, cutting any locks, attempting to contact owners, and arranging for storage and disposal.

New or existing talent prefer to bike to work as part of how they stay healthy and productive.

Help others park easily, securely, and neatly.
Cut issues like theft by 90%+* to reduce enforcement.

Lock effectively in <30 seconds 
Digital access and connection
Save space

Mobile app or card/badge/ID access instead of personal locks or keys.

Integrated locking mechanisms secure both wheels and the frame of adult bicycles.

Self learn to park & lock in <1 minute.

Grant and revoke access at any time.

No manual tagging needed. Communicate directly with users.

Get usage reports to celebrate bike trips made.

10+ bikes per car parking stall.

Sustained use.
Future flexibility with 2-tier.

What impact could 2430 square feet** or more saved for every additional 10 bike riders have on your organization? 

* when compared to the common case of securing a bicycle with a cable lock to an upside down U-rack or similar rack.

** assumes each car parking stall to be 18' x 9' with 12' of aisle space on average. 

- Sunnyvale, CA Municipal Code 

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4 Steps to get started with a pilot

Fill out the form below and pick a time for us to get to know your unique situation and suggest what may work best for you.

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Collaborate on a pilot plan

Define the scope, how we will work together and the implement an effective solution, and how we will bring others onboard before installation.

Bring colleagues and desired users on board to go for a pilot and expansion based on results. 

Enroll others to try


Receive reports on important metrics like use and maintenance. Share accomplishments to help others drive less and bike more!

Receive results

Tell us a bit about you

20 minutes to learn more about your situation and share what might be helpful for you, whether we offer it or not.

Tell us a bit about you

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