Secure Bicycle Parking That Makes Things Easier

Cut bike theft, abandonment, and poor parking behavior.
Increase ridership and visibility.
Save time, money, and sanity.

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Images and visuals shown are for illustration purposes only.  The product is still in development.

Have you encountered any of this in your organization?

There are an overwhelming myriad of bike security tips and products which makes it difficult for people to learn and use the right ones for them where they go.

Hearing many people learn about bike theft the hard way and that some have trauma from last time or two or more times that happened.

There is a lot of space and resources going into car parking and maintenance which has to be covered by more productive uses of land. If the space for car parking could be reduced, it would open up new growth opportunities.

Hearing about how people often violate bike parking policies by bringing their bikes to indoor areas not encouraged or permitted or by holding the door for others to enter a cage/enclosure/room. 

Getting too many cases of abandoned bikes and having to clean up, arrange for storage, and arrange for low-value sale or disposal.

Others do not recognize, understand, and feel the immense value of increased biking in your organization. Additionally, conducting usage studies is expensive.

Help others switch from solo driving and park as desired.

Simplify and create greater clarity

Connect with your bicycle riders

Repurpose saved space

Install our parking rack with integrated locking mechanisms that can secure both wheels and the frame of a bicycle and be accessed easily and quickly via a mobile app or card (or badge/id). Learning to lock and unlock properly takes less than a minute compared to hours of research on choosing the right lock(s) and how to lock them properly.

Communicate via alerts or directly with your users. Obtain regular reports on use metrics and create campaigns to challenge and celebrate bike trips made!

10+ bikes per car parking stall. What could your organization do with an extra 2430 square feet* or more for every additional 10 bike riders? 

* assumes each car parking stall to be 18' x 9' with 12' of aisle space. For 90 degree angle parking, the aisle width is usually 24'.  - Sunnyvale, CA Municipal Code 


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Clearly define the scope of how we will work together, the solutions to be implemented, and how we will bring others onboard for increased ridership.

Bring upper leadership and teammates who bike on board to go for a pilot and expansion based on results. 

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Receive reports on use metrics, maintenance needs detected, scheduled, and completed. Share collective accomplishments.

Receive and report results

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20 minute consultation on us to see if we are a good fit.


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