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Have you ever...

Worried about your bicycle getting stolen?

Felt burdened by carrying heavy lock(s) with you?

Hated taking out 1+ locks to lock up your bike?

Forgotten your bike lock or key?

Parked your bike in an area not intended for bike parking because it felt safer?

Felt overwhelmed by various security tips?

We know how you feel. We worry about where to leave our bikes and are frustrated by cumbersome locking methods, too.

Here is how you'd park with our smart rack

Currently in development

3 Easy steps to lock your bike


1. Lift arm(s)

Lift up the right arm and possibly the left so that they are parallel and allow a straight path through the rear triangle of your bicycle. This prepares for locking both the frame the rear wheel.


2. Slide the rear bar across

Push the bar straight across fully until it is fully inserted into the left arm's receptacle.

Phone Screen
QRcode -cmyk-01.png

3. Scan the QR code to lock

Located just near the top of the right arm. This activates the locks to engage and protect the frame and wheels, the 3 most valuable parts of your bicycle.

Join us in improving bike parking

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Sign up below to follow our development and let us know that you'd like to use this at your university or workplace for our pilot.

We are based in the San Francisco Bay Area and are looking for a few organizations to pilot this with up to 100 additional bike parking spaces to start.

What if bike parking changed to something that...

Allows you to use a mobile app and/or card instead of personal locks and keys.

Allows you to lock your bicycle in <30 seconds.


Cuts your risk of theft by 90%+ compared to using a cable lock at a regular rack.


Kept track of your riding progress.


Is easy for you to recommend others to park their bicycle at.

For bicyclists by bicyclists

Like many, our founder, Jianhan, started out knowing nothing about bicycle security except to lock it up when parking outside his residence. Once, he forgot to bring the key for his U-lock with him right after a snowstorm. This left him in an excruciating dilemma of having to choose between keeping the nice bike he purchased just a few months ago for a significant sum or attending that conference.

After seeing many bikes with missing parts in the San Francisco Bay Area, he learned more about bike security. Despite spending hundreds of hours of research, trials, and testing the best ways to lock his bike, he has found it difficult and inconvenient to continually do so at most bike racks. Locking car doors isn't this difficult. Why should it be for bikes?

CycleSCP was started to raise the standard of bicycle parking to help people access more places by bicycle safely and conveniently and increase the traffic share of bicycles in North America to 10%+ and beyond.​

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