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Join our mission to help organizations heroically empower people to bicycle more for transportation. 

Do Work That Matters

Our work in fighting bicycle theft and other parking problems can positively influence the lives of 478+ million people.


Designer, League Cycling Instructor, Babson '15.

Enjoys riding bicycles for transportation and recreationally on paved and light dirt trails.

Desires to ride bicycles more for transportation and help others do so, too.


Why We Exist

We exist to help organizations fight and avoid bicycle parking problems and empower their communities to ride more for transportation and utilize space for purposes far more valuable than car parking.

With reported bike theft incidents (only a small fraction of total) at over 1.3 million annually in 2006, expecting bicyclists to know kinds of locks to buy, how to lock their bike securely, bring their heavy locks and keys with them every time they ride, and secure their bike properly every time they park is NOT working. This leads people to abandon any remains of their bike and switch to (more often than not) driving cars which take up a lot more space.

Core Values

We are here to make a positive difference in the lives of the people we touch and help them positively impact others. We help with love and empathy.

1. Impact

2. Growth

Better is always possible. Growing makes the adventure fun and exciting. We do not get hung up on past successes or failures.

3. Integrity

Having the courage to do what is right because we think it is the right thing to do. Owning our actions, reactions, responsibilities, and promises. We do not make excuses to try to justify bad behavior.

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